SDS Group Limited has developed a fusion of integrated skills in High Risk Security over the past 25 years, this is reflected in its client base consisting of government departments and multi-national organisations.


As consultants, SDS have been employed to assist with many high-profile buildings, offering expertise on the overall security strategy and design. SDS are responsible for the Consultancy in High Risk Project Management and technical skills in structural building and materials analysis enabling clients to have a greater degree of building and occupant protection.


This is achieved by initially reviewing the site/plans and then integrating all involved parties, including the owner (landlord), management, operational staff and contractors to produce a cohesive solution.


As part of an SDS assessment, the company can address the physical security of a location, including an explosive effects and direct fire analysis, calculating the potential risk and provide mitigation and protection solutions. The calculation of the blast and weapons effects on structures and buildings (including occupants) help to provide mitigation and protection for ‘as build’ or at the design stage this can include the writing of procedures for Immediate Actions, Invacuation and Evacuation for a major incident.

As part of the a security analysis, SDS are in an enviable position with the ability to research and review historical evidence and record of previous events. While utilising up to date intelligence, current information (i.e. ‘the word on the street’) and trends, SDS go the extra mile with information gathered from local teams and legitimate sources, such as Government Security Agencies, Police and Military.

In addition to the consultancy SDS are renown for supplying excellent training courses which help support the building analysis, these include the number of courses offered to the Military, Police and private organisations. Courses range from explosive ordnance disposal through to the training of mail-room staff on suspect packages or receptionist handling a bomb threat call. A list of the courses can be seen within the training section on the website (click here). Depending on the course content and the level of training required, courses start at half a day, however, for some of the more complex subjects they can last several weeks. Courses are individually tailored to suit the existing knowledge and environment of the client and ultimately to produce the necessary capability.

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