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Hook & Line Kits

The method of Hook and Line is designed to be used by EOD or high threat search teams. It is a semi remote technique used to move suspect devices or gain access into vehicles and buildings using a pulling line and specially designed tools. It allows tasks to be carried out typically at over 100m to ensure the safety of the team. It is a lightweight, non powered system that is quick and easy to deploy.

SDS is very proud to offer an extensive range of Hook and Line equipment to ensure that the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Operator is able to stay safe and to quickly and efficiently conduct semi-remote actions whilst on operations. By working closely with the EOD High Threat Operators, who fully understand the principles of IEDD and are able to design and extensively test equipment to ensure that all conceivable hook and line tasks can be achieved with SDS equipment.

The varied environments and situations in which EOD and IEDD Operators find themselves in are extremely diverse. These can range from dismounted operations in desert conditions, to high profile vehicle borne operations in urban areas. For almost every scenario, SDS can offer a range of Hook and Line equipment to ensure that the task can be completed safely and effectively.

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Sigma - The most popular H&L kit, it consists of the widest range of tools which makes it ideal for most search requirements, typically this kits is used to move suspect objects up to 500kg.

SOK - Special operations Hook and Line kit, comprising of a single line for search and disposal when weight and compact size is vital. Complete kit with all accessories, housed in specially designed lightweight black rucksack.

Hook & line 1st Gen - This is the original Hook & Line kit, and it is still widely used throughout the world today. The Standard 1st Gen kit offers a minimum capability to carry out basic Hook & Line procedures all supplied in a robust carrying case.

Alpha Vehicle Entry Kit - An extended kit with a range of self gripping tools and extra ropes for more complicated applications. The range of suction pads make this an especially useful kit when working on vehicles, as these will securely attach themselves to bodywork or glass. The equipment is supplied in a rigid carrying case.

Due to the number of tools available in the SDS hook and line kits, it is generally recommended to speak to one of our trained operators to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact the SDS office or complete the contact form by clicking here.

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