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SDS is pleased to offer the highest quality X-ray systems, that are used and operated by military and police globally in some of the most inhospitable locations. The end users demand absolute reliability and SDS delivers. With a wide range of X-ray systems for the Security and NDT industries, combining the reliability and rugged build of the Golden Engineering X-ray sources and technically advanced Vidisco Digital imaging panels. This proven rugadised combination offers the best possible solution for potable X-ray.

SDS Group Limited, Military, Police, Law Enforcement, Border Control, X-ray, Portable X-ray, Vidisco, Vidisco X-ray, Golden Generators, Golden X-ray
Ebinger magnex, SDS Group Limited, Military, Police, Law Enforcement, Border Control, Search Equipment, Search Mirrors, metal detectors, Ebinger,

From Hand-held metal detectors for body searches through to the Magnex 120 Magnetic Anomaly Detector, SDS offers a solution for all metal detecting needs. SDS are proud to offer Ebinger detection systems, a reliable and comprehensive range of metal detectors that have been used globally for over 50 years. Used extensively for humanitarian mine clearance and in industry applications such as civil engineering, the timber and forestry industries or for the locating of pipes and cables,

SDS is extremely proud to offer Garrett metal detectors to the UK security and military markets, such a prestigious name synonymous with metal detecting and steeped in history. From the Hunter, the very first dual searchcoil detector manufactured by Charles and Elenor back in 1964, through to the Garrett RECON-PRO® AML range, one of the most technically advanced detectors on the market today, Garrett has the technology for all your metal detecting requirements. Please click on the links below to explore the world of Garrett metal detectors.


SDS search equipment portfolio combines a broad spectrum of products, including a comprehensive range of search mirrors, hook and line kits, handheld mobile pole cameras and low cost explosive and drug testing kits. The company has an extensive list of equipment suppliers, please contact SDS for your search next requirements.

The SDS Drug & Explosive test kits are dry, paper-based tests to ensure a safe and simple solution to put field test kits back in the hands of frontline security professionals who have turned away from incumbent products due to concerns over safety and reliability. The test kits are intuitive to use and designed with the user in mind, replacing traditional testing kits with paper strips — eliminating the need for bulky or hazardous liquid reagent dropper bottles, breakable glass ampoules and pressurized spray cans.

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Bomb Blanket and Safety Circle, SDS Group Limited, Military, Police, Law Enforcement, Border Control, Search Equipment, Blast protection, Blast consultancy, TVRA, Bomb Suits

Blast protection is becoming more and more important in todays business. Suspect packages close organisations down for hours costing them financially and potentially through staff resignations. The use of blast protection helps keep personnel safe and the business running, postal devices are designed to cause maximum disruption should they detonate or not. The use of blast protection minimises any potential harm to building occupants and the surrounding environment. 

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