Ebex 610C
Hand-held Metal Detector

The cloverleaf handheld detector applies the EB damping system.

The search coil is part of an oscillator circuit, which transmits a weak,

alternating, electromagnetic field. Metal objects coming within the range of this field will cause a drain of energy. This is due to the eddy current effect and causes a change of the oscillator amplitude. The detector electronic processes this change in amplitude and converts it into an audio and visual alarm signal. A red LED signalizes the visual alarm while the detector gives an simultaneously an audio alarm, which increases in frequency upon approach of a metal object. The detector does not affect health, heart pacemakers or magnetic recording material.

The cloverleaf hand scanner has an internal adjuster to adapt the detection sensitivity. On request the hand-held detector can be supplied with cylindrical probe. This permits the precise localization of very small metal objects. The Z-version has proved itself in particular for detailed checks at prisons



  • Ergonomic design

  • Simple to operate, easy to handle

  • High locating sensitivity

  • Automatic calibration

  • Loud audio signal

  • Optional vibration alarm

  • LED indication for control function

Technical Data

Power supply:       Battery 9 V E-Block (6 LR)
                              or rechargeable battery NiMH

Operating time:     Battery approx. 40 h,
                              Rechargeable battery approx. 20 h
                              (audio alarm)
                              Battery approx. 35 h,
                              Rechargeable battery approx. 15 h
                              (vibration alarm)


Overall length                        approx. 420 mm

Electronics housing               approx. 32 x 36 mm

Search head                          approx. 170 x 115 mm

Cylinder-type sensor              approx. 100 x 26 mm

Transport case                       approx. 420 x 325 x 85 mm


Detector with halo coil           approx. 300 g

Detector with probe               approx. 290 g

Handheld with case               approx. 1.630 g

Z-version with case                approx. 1.620 g

Magnex 120LW
Magnetic Anomaly Detector


  • Land-, borehole and in water use

  • Digital single or multi-channel system

  • High sensitivity and resolution

  • Digital mapping: EPAD® data logger and EPAS®  software

  • Robust and reliable

  • Ergonomic handling