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Q Series Industrial Videoscope

The new High-Definition Q Series Videoscope from SDS Group, The Q Series Videoscope adopts the latest digital highdefinition image processing technology, with a 5.5 inch OLED big screen to ensure clear images.

Even in strong sunlight, subtle defects can also be detected. The 360° joy stick controlled camera head is easily controlled with precise movement and a true understanding of the direction the camera head is orientated once an inspection has started. The replaceable insertion tube structure with multiple camera options such as 2.2mm, 2.8mm, 3.9mm and 6mm offers users the choice and flexibility to suit their needs with one base unit and multiple insertion tubes now an option. In addition, the Q Series is available in a number of lengths, from 1 metre up to 3 metre option.


Screen: HD OLED

Zoom: 10 Levels 2.5 X

Image: Colour Colour or Negative

Screen Res: 1920 x 1080

Tube: Tungsten Braided Insertion Tube

Photo Format: BMP, PNG, JPG

Video Format: AVI, MP4

Measurement: 2D comparison measurement

Probe Working Temp: -20° to +70°

Text: Annotate Photo, Add Arrows / Comments

Ports: HDMi. Micro USB

SDS Group Ltd, Search equipment, Military search equipment, Videoscope, articulated videoscope Q Series Videoscope, M-ADV Series videoscope
SDS Group Ltd, Search equipment, Military search equipment, Videoscope, articulated videoscope Q Series Videoscope, M-ADV Series videoscope
M-ADV Series Industrial Videoscope

The new High-Resolution M-ADV Series Videoscope from SDS, the M-ADV Series Videoscope uses the latest image processing technology to produce high resolution images using ultra bright lighting up to 10,000 Lux. It offers better image quality than has been previously available in a large range of diameters and lengths including 2.2mm, 2.8mm, 3.9mm and 6mm. The high output LED and Fibre light source provide up to 10,000 Lux providing excellent light rendering and colour interpretation.


The 360° joystick provides excellent camera tip movement with the ability to understand where the camera head is when conducting an inspection. The Stainless Steel (316) Camera Head and four tungsten braided layers to the probe provide excellent wear resistance.


Screen: High Brightness IPS, 3.5 inch LCD

Screen Res: 640x480

Tube: Tungsten Braided Insertion Tube

Photo Format: JPG, JPEG

Video Format: AVI Zoom 4x Digital Zoom

Working Temp:. -20° - 50°

Ports: HDMI, Micro USB, Headset interface

SDS100 Telescopic Pole Inspection Camera System 

The SDS 100 Telescopic Pole Camera System is a portable rugged inspection system designed for the Border Agencies, Security Industry, Utilities and Emergency Services.

The SDS100 Monitor can be Pole mounted or free-standing allowing the operator complete flexibility of movement whilst carrying out searches or surveillance. The Battery pack provides up to 8 hours of constant use.


Equipped with an Infra Red Camera SDS100 provides clear high resolution colour images in daylight and switches to infra red in low light to provide clear black and white images at distances up to 50ft.  The camera works with a telescopic pole with a collapsed length of 0.85 mtrs or 1.2mtrs and extends up to 2.5 Mtrs or 4m, depending on selected system, allowing surveillance without having to worry about working at heights regulations or moving obstacles.

The camera head is fitted with a unique friction joint allowing the head to be articulated between 0° and 110° or 0° and 240° depending on model selected. Articulation can be achieved manually by adjusting the camera head against the friction joint to the desired angle.  Articulation can also be achieved by placing the camera head against a fixed object and pushing or pulling the head to the desired angle.  This is a real benefit when carrying out room/container searches as the camera doesn't need to be collapsed to carry out a full search. The camera has a 90º Field of View.


The monitor has an SD Card slot for capturing Video and Still Images for evidentiary use. The system comes complete with an SD Card and will take a maximum of 32GB card.

The kit is packed in a rugged shoulder bag and hard case for easy transportation and deployment.

Typical deployment applications include security surveillance, utilities companies for drain or man hole inspections in addition to site height inspections from ground level, and emergency services for collapsed building inspections, covert operations or tactical team observation system.

SDS Group Ltd, Search equipment, Military search equipment, inspection pole camera, inspection camera
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